Best Practices For Importing into Zoho CRM

Best Practices For Importing into Zoho CRM

Are you planning to import data into Zoho CRM? Whether you are migrating from another CRM platform or consolidating various data sources, importing data can be daunting. But with the proper preparation and by following the best practices for importing into Zoho CRM, you can avoid unexpected errors and ensure a smooth import process. To help you navigate this crucial task, we’ve compiled some essential tips and considerations. As a provider of Zoho consultancy services, Caldere is here to offer support and guidance throughout the process. Before you start importing your data, here’s a short article on best practices for importing into Zoho CRM.

Permission and File Format Considerations

When importing data into Zoho CRM, you must have permission to do so. Ensure that you have the necessary access and privilege to import data. The import link is hidden from your user interface if you do not have permission. Additionally, be mindful of the file format you are using. Zoho CRM supports Excel (XLS, XLSX), Comma Separated Value (CSV), and Business Card or vCard Format (VCF). Be cautious with Excel files containing special controls, such as combo filters or embedded images, as they may cause unexpected errors.

Data Preparation Best Practices for Importing into Zoho CRM

It’s crucial to ensure that the data you are importing does not contain any prohibited characters. For instance, data enclosed in <script> </script> is not allowed. Additionally, you must ensure that all mandatory fields contain a value and that there are no blank rows in the import file. If you import data from Boolean or check box fields, ensure the data values convert correctly during the import process. Finally, ensure that the data values in the drop-down lists exist in the corresponding Zoho CRM fields.

Preparation and Mapping Requirements

To avoid issues during the import process, you should also ensure that the field names in the source file’s first row contain column headings or field names instead of actual data values. Furthermore, make sure the file size is within the limits based on your Zoho CRM edition. The number of rows you can import depends on the edition you are using, and there are specific mandatory fields in each module that you must map when importing data.

Limitations and Workarounds for Importing Data into Zoho CRM

While you cannot import calls, meetings (activities), reports, invoices, quotes, purchase orders, forecasts, sales orders, and templates into Zoho CRM, you can import events in ICS format from Calendar. It’s essential to note that if your import file is in XLS, XLSX, or VCF format, you can import a maximum of 5000 records per batch for all CRM editions. However, to import more than 5000 records per batch, your import file must be in CSV format, and the maximum number of records you can import will vary based on your subscription.

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In conclusion, importing data into Zoho CRM from different sources can be critical for users, but it requires careful attention to detail to ensure the process goes smoothly. The following article on the Zoho website offers a much more detailed checklist for importing data into Zoho CRM.

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