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The Operating System For Business.


The Win - Win
The big guys have SAP or Oracle to run things. 

But what about the small-to-medium sized companies trying to grow?  For everyone else, there is Zoho Platform.

Zoho Platform is a suite of 50+ integrated applications designed to optimally grow and run your business efficiently, transparently, all in real-time.

With Zoho Platform, you can manage, connect, and automate business processes across your organisation.

It’s the operating system for small business.
Zoho One, 50 Apps in one bundle
  • A powerful end-to-end, fully customisable platform to ensure every aspect of your business is truly built around your customers.
  • A versatile suite of web and mobile applications designed to integrate teams and devices from anywhere.
  • An all-in-one marketing automation software that helps you successfully manage your marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Beyond dashboards, it’s a business intelligence suite that not only monitors enterprise performance in real-time but also provides powerful forecasting tools.
  • A complete collaboration and communication hub to manage teams and projects efficiently, wherever they are.
Zoho One, 50 Apps in one bundle

What is Zoho?

what is zoho crm?

what zoho does.

50 million users worldwide can’t be wrong.
Companies choose Zoho because it’s pound-for-pound the best, most comprehensive operating system for small business in the world, hands down.

Is your business run by a constellation of stand-alone applications that don’t work with one another? 

If your business is the orchestra and you are the conductor, Zoho provides the sheet music that makes it a masterpiece!

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?
  • No single, unified view of your customer.
  • Siloed operations, finance, customer service, sales and marketing processes
  • Fragmented data on disparate, disconnected platforms
  • Hunting through emails to track down conversations
  • Track where leads originate from, including site visitors
Manage Customer Experiences with Zoho.
Would you like to:
  • Exceed your sales targets and build a pipeline you can trust?
  • Automate lead generation and other core operational tasks?
  • Know your marketing ROI in real-time?
  • Promote collaboration across teams on a single unified platform?
  • Not only develop reports on what’s past and dashboards for now but exploit robust business intelligence tools for next-gen forecasting?
Manage Customer Experiences with Zoho.