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Zoho Campaigns and digital marketing
e-marketing seamlessly integrated across your enterprise.

Email remains the most widely used and best-performing marketing tactic in the marketplace. In fact, 89% of marketers report email was their primary channel for lead generation, with a 54% rating email as its most effective type of digital marketing—and the least difficult to execute.

And the ROI? For every £1 spent on effective email marketing, companies can expect an average return of £42.

Zoho Campaigns and digital marketing
Zoho Campaigns Realtime Data
Zoho Campaigns is a high-octane email marketing suite that’s easier to use than its peers. It is more robust than any other email marketing tools in the marketplace due to its interoperability with the rest of the Zoho platform, indeed the operating system for small business.

There’s simply no comparison between Zoho CRM and what passes for CRM or performance analytics on competing platforms. But Zoho Campaigns also seamlessly connects your email marketing efforts to click-and-drag process automation, customer service, finance, social, eCommerce, website visitor tracking, or any other customer touchpoint.

There’s simply nothing else available as powerful and easy to use as Zoho Campaigns.
Zoho Campaigns Realtime Data
Zoho Campaigns marketing automations with workflow design and creation.

Zoho campaigns allows you to build your audience, run targeted email campaigns with its easy-to-use editor. Powerful automations, autoresponders and workflow mapping tools allow you move your contacts through their journey with minimum friction.

In addition, features like dynamic content, polls, automated segmentation, A/B testing—all with the eye-popping performance visualisation tools help ensure high ROI on your e-marketing activities. Segmented email campaigns perform 38% better than those that aren’t.

Caldere and Zoho Campaigns actually bring the novice user this kind of functionality and performance formerly reserved for the big guys.

Zoho Campaigns marketing automations with workflow design and creation.


real-time intelligence for better insight.

Have all your key data points laid out at your fingertips—where they should be. From lead analytics to deal with insights, activity stats and email analytics, monitor every aspect of your sales cycle any time, anywhere with pre-defined dashboard views. Create customised dashboards with sales analytics widgets, such as charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels. Make informed decisions, and start celebrating sales success with actionable data intelligence. Caldere as your trusted partner will show you how.
Create insightful BI dashboards with Zoho Analytics.
Zoho Analytics takes the pulse of your enterprise in real-time and helps you forecast for what’s next. Together, we can unify scattered data into meaningful reports for a brighter view of your business. Business data typically lies scattered in multiple formats and locations – from your CRM and social media platforms to standalone spreadsheets and beyond. Getting answers you can trust to critical questions can be a huge challenge. This is where Zoho Analytics can help. It brings together all your vital data from multiple sources for better decision-making.

Through easy-to-use reporting and visualisation tools, it transforms that data into reports, charts and dashboards that your people can put to work across the enterprise.

Caldere’s decades of management consulting and data science experience help reveal crucial data points bubbling just beneath the surface, information that informs performance. We make sure you and your team is getting better information to make better decisions across the enterprise.
Create insightful BI dashboards with Zoho Analytics.

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