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Zoho CRM Plus suite configured by Caldere.

Zoho CRM Plus

The plus is everything!

Zoho CRM Plus customised by Caldere.

Deliver seamless customer experiences at every touchpoint.

The customer-centric organisation begins with CRM. After all, how can you deliver great customer experiences if you don’t know much about your customers? Zoho CRM Plus delivers much more than CRM alone. Zoho’s integrated platform delivers meaningful customer interactions at every touchpoint…and provides you with the tools to bring the right response at the right time for each prospect or customer, wherever they are in the lifecycle. 

These great experiences are seamlessly delivered because the tools and real-time information flow between departments across your organisation. 


Click on the videos below to see how it all can work for you. As certified Zoho experts, we’re here to help you put these powerful tools to work—to coordinate and calibrate them based on your business goals and processes. Zoho CRM Plus includes the following applications bundled together to get your business humming:

Zoho CRM Plus suite of apps. configured and customised by Caldere.

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Zoho One suite configured by Caldere.

Zoho One

What can Zoho One bring to your business?

How about 50+ integrated apps in your toolbox?

Zoho One suite. Contact Caldere to help you customise the over fifty apps to your needs.

A game-changer in the industry, Zoho ONE connects your sales, marketing, customer support, accounting, and more. It also provides you with contextual integrations to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and vendors. Replace your patchwork of disjointed cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based processes with one singular operating system across your entire enterprise. With Zoho One, everyone in your organisation will always have the right information at their fingertips wherever they are, on any connected device. That’s why Zoho One is known as the operating system for small business.

Do 50+ fully integrated applications seem a bit much for your company’s needs? Think again. According to Zoho, approximately 25% of its customers use more than 25 apps, while over 50% use 16 or more. Calibrating the Zoho platform to your business processes and goals is where Caldere really shines. We think we can deliver this novel 21st-century functionality that happens to be affordable for every business. In terms of overall value, no one in the industry even comes close. Call us to schedule a demo today!

Zoho Workplace suite configured by Caldere.

Zoho workplace

Essential apps that run your business, at your fingertips. wherever you are.

Zoho Workplace suite configured by Caldere.

Why Zoho Workplace?

This is how it works.

If you intend on building your company around delivering great customer experiences, the nuts-and-bolts work of it is done here. Unlike other office suites out there, Zoho Workplace integrates all your most familiar work functions and processes into the context of a customer-centric operating system—CRM, finance, business intelligence, marketing, all of it. Zoho Workplace is the ultimate collection of communication and collaboration applications that provides a common work platform across your organisation, wherever your people work. It’s everything you do, all in one place…connected to everything else. Zoho Workplace will make you wonder how you ever made things work before. Call today for a free trial or schedule a demo.