The CRM industry’s hidden truth is that, right out of the box, all CRM platforms are virtually ineffective for meeting the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This is where our approach at Caldere to consulting truly shines.

We understand the unique requirements, challenges, and assets of SMBs, and we adapt CRM platforms to fit your business perfectly. Our tailored approach ensures that your CRM solution becomes a valuable tool, empowering your company to thrive and grow.

Instead of relying on generic, assembly line-style reports, we build custom dashboards that keep your company’s most crucial metrics readily available in real-time. By prioritising your business’s specific needs, our consulting services help SMBs unlock the full potential of CRM platforms and drive success.

Improve your ROI
With your chosen platform

Optimise your workflows
to increase efficiency

Customise & automate
integrations and processes

Onboard, train & improve adoption
by your team

Discovery Call
We are profoundly interested in your work, your goals, challenges and unique organizational assets. How can we help improve your company’s performance if we don’t know much about it?

Let’s explore the possibilities together. It all begins with asking the right questions and developing a trust between us. We hold your confidentiality dear and will gladly sign any NDA’s you require so our conversation is a productive one.
Discovery Call
Acknowledge Need
So you’re here. You’re might be wondering what sales opportunities are being missed because most businesses utilize only about 10% of their CRM’s capacity.

Or maybe there’s a gap between your idea of delivering great, personalized experiences and your customers’?

Or perhaps you’re concerned about silos developing throughout your organization? Are having vital KPIs at your fingertips proving more elusive as your business grows? Regardless, we’re here to help. Let’s talk.
Acknowledge Need
Assess and Review
After the call, we unpack everything discussed and begin our research, identify patterns, consider efficiencies and take inventory of the tools available.

We then prepare for our follow up call and a second round of inquiry about your current systems and processes.
Assess and Review
Zoho consultant
Our second call involves a more pointed line of questions in an attempt to raise your most enterprise-critical information above the water line.

Are you measuring the right stuff? Are your KPIs visible at a glance without having to pour over conventional reports and spreadsheets?

Do you have access to this information as it develops in real time or do you have to periodically dig for it? Does your data align with processes, near and long-term goals and performance expectations?
Zoho consultant
Scope of Work
Our team convenes to analyze all the ground covered, vet possible solutions and prioritize them.

We map out the project for duration and resources available with maximum consideration to providing a smooth, disruption free approach to design and implementation, complete with project milestones and review points.

Once project objectives and approach are presented, we collaborate with you on amenable phasing and terms to commence work.
Scope of Work
Design and Build
Our team creates a needs-based custom solution designed to address your top enterprise data priorities.

We anticipate friction points, develop data fields, layouts, dashboards and modules, add automations and reporting models while mapping company processes toward the migration of your new database.
Design and Build
Integrate Systems
Database migration involves pulling together disparate IT components, data sets and business processes into a seamless and elegant system that adapts in real time—just like your business should function.

The entire architecture is built around user data transforming your business into a 21st century customer-centric enterprise.
Integrate Systems
Making it all work is a post-design activity that involves setting access and security protocols based on who needs what information at any given time.

Company-specific task sequences are aligned with your data architecture and existing IT systems for maximum functionality and ease of use. Data sets are migrated and made ready for your team.
Team Training
Over the years, we have designed and built hundreds of new systems and no two are the same.

Yet, we do bring our considerable experience to bear so this process is painless for the people in your organization who are impacted by the change.

At the end of the day, we all know success is determined by the engagement and effectiveness of your team.
Team Training
Test and Refine
Our company DNA is deeply rooted in scientific processes so nearly everything we do is empirically-based. We’ve found this process is especially helpful in identifying user friction points and fixing them for maximum functionality.

But above all, we know first-hand that today’s competitive environment requires lightning fast adaptation to changing market conditions and customer expectations for survival.
While your new system will be built to evolve over time, we remain nearby to help your company stay current, relevant and agile.
Test and Refine