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Search Function for Zoho Desk

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Searching Records in Zoho Desk


There are several ways in which we can use the Search options to find records like Tickets, Customers, Articles, Tasks, and Products easily and quickly.  There are three (or four, depending on module) kinds of search options available in all parts of Zoho Desk.

  • Quick Search
  • Faceted Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Search Records by Alphabet (this is only available in the Customer module)

Quick Search 

This allows us to to search for specific records from all our modules or from a particular module by entering the search keyword.  We can specify in which module the search should be carried out.

  • Click the Search icon on the top pane.

Search icon

  • Enter the Search keyword in the search box.
  • Zoho Desk predicts what you’re looking for and starts to show the results of your search from the current module.
  • If we want, we can select All or we could keep Tickets selected as below or select KB etc.

Zoho Desk Search

If we can’t find the records in the search results list then we can go onto the next search type called the Faceted Search.

Faceted Search

Faceted search allows us to categorise the search results based on common elements like status, channel, priority, and so forth. This enables us to quickly navigate to the exact record we are looking for. Each time we select a facet value, the set of search results is reduced to only have the items matching that value. We can narrow our search by clicking on other facets.

  • To follow some of the similar steps as above, we again click on the Search icon on the top pane.
  • Enter the Search keyword in the Search box.
  • This time we hit Enter and ignore the predictions box.  The records matching the key words will be listed.
  • Click the facet value on the left panel to only show results within the selection.  At the top of the page we can see the choices we have made.

Zoho Desk faceted search

We can perform this search on all departments or from within a department.

Advanced Search

The advanced search allows us to search records by specifying custom search criteria.

To search records using criteria:

  • On the Module home page, click the Search icon on the top pane.
    • When the icon is clicked the search area will transition into a bar.
  • Click the search icon on the search bar and click on the Advanced Search on the left-hand side toolbar.
  • We can use And/Or combinations between the filter properties.

Zoho Desk Advanced Search

We can also create custom views out of the search criteria to access them in the future.

To create a custom view on the advanced search parameters, click on Save as Custom View on the search results page.

Search by Alphabet

We can search for contacts and accounts within the Customer modules by clicking the alphabet links displayed on the right. Zoho will take us straight to the records that start with the selected letter.

To search by alphabet

Zoho Desk Search by Alphabet

  • Click on the Customer module.
  • On the Contact Home page, click a letter from the Alphabet list.

The page displays the list of contacts that start with the selected alphabet. You can switch to the Accounts module and follow the steps above for accounts.  The alphabet search will search records by their First Name. To search using the last name we need to change the Name Format  under Setup.

Sort and View Search Results (not available in Advanced Search)

When we perform a quick search, we can sort the results according to our preference such as:

  • Modified Time
  • Relevance

The Modified Time function will list the recently modified records at the top. Whilst sorting by Relevance we can get the records based on the number of times our keywords appear in a record.

By default Zoho Desk displays 10 records per search result page. It is simple to increase this by clicking on the More Action icon (). The maximum is 50 records per page.

Zoho CRM Administrator Training Course in UK (London)

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Zoho CRM logo with handshake iconTickets are now available for the Zoho CRM training for Administrators taking place in London (UK) on August 13 through 15.  

Contact us for more information or help with tickets.

Announcing the Three-Day Classroom Training for Zoho CRM:

Zoho have always been committed to providing their users with the best training material whether via web tutorials, user manuals, regular webinars, or in-person classroom courses. As part of this commitment, they are running an expert-led Zoho CRM administrator classroom course in London to help you gain hands-on experience with managing users, automating sales processes, customising your implementation, getting to know Zia, and much more. So bring your laptop and charger (as there will be hands-on exercises) and head down to central London for three very productive days!

Course Description

Zoho CRM Classroom Training for Administrators will help you gain hands-on experience with automating sales processes, managing users, setting up sales territories, securing your customer data, customising CRM solution to your industry, and other topics.  You will also get the opportunity to interact with product specialists and learn the best practices of CRM implementation.

Course Structure

Monday, August 13 (9am – 5pm)

  • Introduction to Zoho CRM
  • Organisation Setting
  • Data Security
  • User Management
  • Customisation – Essentials

Tuesday, August 14 (9am – 5pm)

  • Communication Channels
  • Territory Management
  • Automation – Essentials
  • Data Administration
  • Marketplace

Wednesday, August 15 (9am – 5pm)

  • Customisation – Advanced
  • Automation – Advanced
  • Zia
  • Portals
  • A Day in the Life of a CRM Administrator

On all of these days you will get the opportunity to interact with Zoho CRM product specialists.

How to Attend

If you would like more information, or just want to chat about the course, then please feel free to contact us.

Click the graphic below to see more and to reserve your training seat: Zoho logo

Classes are also coming soon to Australia (August 8-10) and Canada (September 5-7).

Zoho London User Conference in September!

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Zoho logo

Early Bird discounts officially ended as of the 15th, but Zoho have agreed to let us make a few extra discounted tickets available. Contact us ASAP!

Announcing a new Zoho user conference!

Each year, Zoho holds conferences worldwide for their users and partners. This conference is coming to the UK on Thursday and Friday, September 13 and 14 at the etc.venues County Hall in the centre of London.

Zoho’s annual user conference is an opportunity to meet the Zoho team face-to-face and learn directly from the staff behind the applications. You’ll have ample opportunity to network and exchange ideas with like minded people from companies of all sizes and industries who have turned to Zoho to transform their business. Come and have one-to-one chats with experts in sales, marketing, service, finance, commerce, and more to learn how you can deliver incredible customer experiences that will set your brand apart.

Conference agenda highlights

Both days will feature a strong focus on on increasing your sales and making your marketing more effective with topics such as:

  • Implementing Zoho CRM for your business
  • Understanding your sales process
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Optimising your website and engaging visitors
  • Raising your organisation’s productivity through effective collaboration & communication
  • Business insights through Analytics

The conference’s first day emphasises great finance tools and practices with topics such as:

  • Empowering customer-centric teams with a meaningful Back Office integration
  • Advanced analytics with Zoho Reports
  • Streamline your travel and expense management
  • Managing your stock and multi-channel sales
  • Zoho Finance Plus: an overview

The second day of the conference continues the momentum with exciting ways to customise and control your Zoho experience, offering topics such as:

  • Building workflows
  • Integrating apps using Flow
  • Advanced customization
  • The highs and lows with Reports
  • Staying connected: Integrating with APIs
  • Zoho on mobile

… and many more!

How to attend

Click the graphic below to see more and to reserve your conference seat: Click here for more information and to attend!

Global GDPR Readiness with Zoho CRM

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GDPR Readiness and Zoho

We at Caldere have issued our own statement on GDPR readiness, but we also wanted to call attention to excellent material produced by our main software partners.

Global business software powerhouse Zoho are fully aware of GDPR compliance because it applies not only to EU companies, but to anyone who collects information belonging to EU residents. Worldwide businesses who use Zoho need to know about their legal obligations and how to meet them. Fortunately, GDPR-ready Zoho software makes this business administration task easier.

It’s important to note GDPR protection applies to residents, not just citizens… this blog poster happens to be an American citizen living and working in the EU, so it’s good to know my data is also protected. Zoho make a special note of this distinction in the Introduction to their extraordinarily well-written and approachable writeup.

GDPR Europe ComplianceWhat’s Included in Zoho’s GDPR Readiness Article

  • Zoho explain their past, present, and future commitment to data privacy and security. Interestingly, they mention that they are as serious about this with regard to their full-featured free versions as they are with regard to their fully-paid enterprise versions.
  • They’ve put in place a dedicated GDPR team and several initiatives to serve their 30+ million users now and to make sure they are ready to support their users’ GDPR compliance goals.
  • In the article, Zoho have provided a quick but comprehensive checklist of readiness goals for organisations to discuss implementing.
  • For organisations still grappling with what GDPR is and how they should approach it, Zoho have provided a clear and comprehensive FAQ that doesn’t assume you are a legal or even an IT expert. (I personally found it useful even though I’ve been reading about GDPR in much more technical contexts for months.)
  • Finally, Zoho offer some resources that will be especially useful to the members of your organisation tasked with implementing and maintaining GDPR compliance.

Partner with Caldere

As a Zoho Partner organisation, Caldere are every bit as committed to GDPR compliance for ourselves and our clients. Contact us without delay to find out how we and you can use the latest functionality to make sure you’re ready by the May deadline.

Complete Functionality, Tiny Cost – Zoho One

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Surprise!Everything you need for business at the lowest per-user cost with Zoho One

We’ve been keeping the new Zoho One system under our hats since we first learned about it while it was in development. It’s been in the works for ten years. But Zoho surprised us by releasing it earlier than expected (how often does that happen), while I was on holiday, actually. So this update is a few days late, but I’m excited to share the news with you now!

I’ve heard of Zoho. What Is Zoho One?

Well, let me ask you a few questions first.

What systems do you use today to take care of your business’s finances and sales inventory? Administer your human resources and foster communication between your staff members? Log and resolve product issues?  Manage your projects and get optimal results? Monitor your website and social media accounts? Serve and connect with your customers and clients?

Do those systems all interface with each other and share the same information? I’m betting not, even if you already use a handful of Zoho apps that you pay for separately.

With Zoho One, you get access to nearly all of the Zoho apps, with more being added from time to time. 35 apps and counting, at the full-featured Enterprise (high-end) level, that all work together. You can choose to use as few or as many included apps as you wish, as a company or as a department. Work simply or in depth, stay in the office or go mobile, combine or delegate duties, give users wide-ranging permissions or keep them on task with access to specific apps, all with a single sign-on per user. Whatever you choose, you can use Zoho One as a complete operating system for your entire business.

Your business needs are respected. You’re not restricted to just what’s in the box. Zoho Creator, included in Zoho One, is a drag-and-drop app builder that allows you to build apps for unique business needs, all under the same umbrella as your existing apps. The developers at Zoho have worked hard to bring you hundreds of integrations with third-party software so you don’t even have to be locked in to using Zoho One exclusively.

Is Zoho One Really Less Than a Pound a Day?

Well, to be precise, it’s 30 US dollars a month per user (£23 and change) for the whole package, with no minimum number of users. Yes, even small to medium sized businesses can access all the functionality and work like larger organisations. Zoho One allows you to progress seamlessly from strength to strength as your business grows. You can afford to put software on everyone’s desk and forget about rationing functionality to just a handful of key people. Everyone can participate in your success.

What About Maintenance Costs?

Zoho One - Less than a pound a dayWe knew you’d ask. What do you think the cost is of maintaining one seamless system with built-in interfaces, compared to the cost of managing several disassociated systems and the in-house-developed interfaces between them? How much does it cost a company to have to deal with many software vendors instead of a few, or even one? Does your cost fluctuate with your usage? Do you pay for separate data storage?

Zoho One is available for a single set cost from a single vendor through a single point of contact. All of the included apps fall under a single contract with no set time limits, and a single service agreement. There are no sneaky required add-ons or upgrades to worry about paying extra for. Your data and apps reside in the cloud, so your generous and secure data storage is also included (the exact amount of storage depends on the apps you focus on and your total number of user licenses).

How Do I Get Started With Zoho One?

Oh, the best part? You can start for free. Try it out. Use your own data. The trial version can easily be converted to the full version without losing any of your work. You’ll be able to start concentrating on your business, not your software.

Click here or on the link below to get your own access. Contact us with your questions (we’re Zoho One users, too) and we’ll be there when you’re ready to step up to the full functionality. We’ll see you in Zoho!Free Zoho One Trial

Caldere Leads with the Top 3 CRM Leaders!

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Of the 20 most popular CRM software packages reported by Capterra, Caldere supports all of the top 3!

Contact us today to talk about which of these are right for your company and how we can get you started quickly and easily. If you are already a user of one of these packages, let’s talk about how Caldere can make your experience even better and help you gain profitability and productivity.

Top CRM Solutions

How Can We Help?

Find out how Caldere can help you to build a more successful business:
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