The Year in Zoho – Incredible Improvements

Zoho Improvements through 2017

Even We’re Surprised

Zoho started as a capable and cost-effective solution, and we at Caldere have been proud to represent it. We are even more excited about it now that we’re heading into 2018 and we’ve seen the recent list of improvements.

Recently the Caldere team were thinking about all of the ways Zoho has changed over the past year. We knew Zoho continually adds functionality at a rapid rate, but we must have become used to it. Looking back, the sheer pace of improvement in the program has surprised even us. The added functionality has been so timely and useful it’s like it’s always been there.

It goes to show that (as all high performers know), exceeding expectations becomes an expectation of its own! We continue to look for innovations and cutting-edge development from the Zoho team, and we look forward to putting these improvements to work to solve problems for all our clients and colleagues.

What’s the Excitement All About?

Here is a sample of the ways in which Zoho has added functionality and become more user- and business-friendly in 2017:

  • A culture of constant upward climb: Zoho has had about 4 product updates every week without compromising usability. It’s almost annoying! But when you actually put each update into practice, the annoyance disappears.
  • Process and workflow improvements: The rollout of Zoho Blueprint allows you to intuitively plan your sales processes. Zoho CRM has added powerful new expansions to its easy-to-use workflow rules functionality.
  • Awareness of your whole business context: A wide variety of important new integrations and plugins allows you to connect Zoho more and more with the programs you already rely on. Zoho works with a large number of social media, e-commerce, telephony, team communication, financial, and marketing applications. This is in addition to Zoho’s own comprehensive suite of business applications that tie together every facet of your business from intelligent reporting to payroll. Everyone in your company can use and be supported by Zoho functionality.
  • Partner with the individual user to get more done: Functionality like “sticky notes” that are shared across Zoho apps, new ways to handle activity notifications, and new ways to score leads, make not only Zoho CRM but the entire Zoho platform a total no-hassle environment for getting and staying connected and organised.

Take a Deeper Look

When was the last time you were astonished by a software package? If you take a minute to review Zoho’s fun write-up on their 2017 changes, we bet you’ll be as delighted as we were.

Once you’ve had a chance to see what’s new in the Zoho world, we hope you’ll contact us to help plan your business future. We, and Zoho, consider your business success our priority.

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