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Improve Your “Social” Life with Web Info

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Why should I use Web Info when I already use Social Updates?

In our previous post, we showed you a quick and simple way to link your contacts’ Facebook and Linked In social media profiles to their record in your Act! CRM database by using the Social Updates tab. But your contact has more online presence than a Facebook and Linked In account. They use email. They have a personal or professional website. They have a physical location where they might meet with you. Other people might write about them, such as investment sites or feedback forums. You can link to all this by using the Web Info tab.

Like the Social Updates tab, the Web Info tab uses Internet Explorer to open the Internet information you want to associate with your contact. All it takes is a few clicks. You can even tell Act! to link to additional information you specify (I’ll be covering this in an upcoming blog post). All of this will be included in your contact record and accessible from within Act!.

Sounds good! How do I do that?

Start by accessing your contact’s record in your Act! CRM database.

  • Login to your Act! database. Navigate to the Detail View of a contact whose Internet information you wish to view.


  • Click the Web Info tab.


  • Choose one of the User Links on the left side of the tab to view that page on the Internet. In the example below, I’ve chosen Google Driving Directions. Act! entered the contact’s address automatically as the destination (yellow rectangles), and I entered the starting point.


Contact’s Website will bring up the URL of the contact if it is listed in the Web Site field, and if the page is working (the example site is real, but there is no information in it). Google Maps will automatically show you the location in the Address fields. Google News Search will bring up a search in Google News with your contact’s name (the Contact field) as the search term. Google Search will perform a basic Google search on your contact’s name.

For other choices under User Links, you may need to enter some information when Web Info brings up the web page. You may already have Facebook and LinkedIn configured on the Social Updates tab, but they will not necessarily be configured the same way here.

How do I change what I see on this tab?

There are some controls at the top of the tab that allow you to work with what is presented.

  • The four buttons at the top of the tab are the same as Back, Forward, Reload, and Stop Load in your regular browser.


  • Choosing Open Browser will open an external instance of Internet Explorer to the selected page. Copy Link will copy the URL of the selected page so you can paste it into a different browser or into a document.


  • If you have opened a search result from one of the search pages, or navigated to an interesting web page, clicking Attach Web Page will insert the selected URL into your contact’s History so you can refer to it later.


  • Clicking Increase Tab Size temporarily increases the height of the tab so that it covers the Detail Page information and gives you better visibility of the web page. When the tab is expanded, Increase Tab Size changes to Decrease Tab Size. Clicking Decrease Tab Size resets the tab to its original size.


That’s great as far as it goes, but didn’t you mention I could include additional information?

Yes, you can customise your User Links! You can change existing links, use existing links as templates to make similar links based on different fields, or add new links based on useful information. Since this functionality is a bit more complex and some changes involve simple coding, I’ll cover that in another post. You’ll access this functionality through Edit Links.


Click this link to access the next post about how to use Edit Links to add more info to your Web Info!

Caldere and Salesforce Are Partners!

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Did you know that Caldere Associates are also Salesforce Consulting Partners? Let us help you think about how to use this flexible, complete success platform to not only manage, but also to take full advantage of, your customer relationships and your valuable marketing data.

Salesforce The Customer Success Platform logo

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem, suitable for businesses of any size in any industry, from large industrial enterprises to small non-profits. Because it runs completely in the cloud, it is independent of software and hardware. This means nothing to set up, no tether to a certain machine… you can work from anywhere you have an Internet connection with any device that can access the Internet (phone, laptop, tablet). It is designed to handle all of your interactions with prospects and customers, with integrated solutions that help you with marketing, sales, and support. Connections with communications media from e-mail to social websites give you the ability to personalise and deliver targeted marketing campaigns. Built-in business intelligence capability gets you started on analysing and understanding your data and generating sophisticated, meaningful conclusions. Best of all, a strong cloud app development platform gives you thousands of options to customise your Salesforce experience and to interface with other programs you already use without additional infrastructure.

Get to know the power of Salesforce

We’re excited about the comprehensive and integrated functionality in Salesforce, and about its ability to make sense of business data and help you profit from it. If you would like to explore how Caldere can help you use Salesforce to take care of your sales, support, marketing, communication, and analytics requirements, or to talk about how to take advantage of Salesforce’s powerful tools to bring a fresh perspective to new ways of being successful, please contact us at 0118 9456 220 or

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