Larger enterprises have sophisticated requirements. The key is to talk to each department and to discuss their individual requirements. What information do they need? What are their critical CRM fields?

We ask lots of questions in order to ensure that we understand how everything works. We then design your Act! Premium database, so that it works for your enterprise as a whole. Different departments may well require different interfaces to the CRM. Act! Premium accommodates this with ease.

We are used to talking to everyone involved in the project and making sure that their needs are taken into account in the project.

To make the system perfect for your team can include creating new fields, tabs and customise the layout. The aim being to help you with data segmentation and customising sales processes.

The result is a tailored business solution that has been created just for your enterprise. If customer acquisition and retention are critical to your success, a customised version of Act! Premium is the ideal solution for you.

Caldere offers in-depth customer service. We always take the time to listen to you and to understand your enterprises’ unique requirements. Find out more by emailing us or calling us on 0118 945 6220.

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