Act! Feature Comparison between Act! Pro and Act! Premium 2014/V16

Product Differences
(within same version)
  Act! Pro Act! Premium
Number of Users Less than 10 1 – 100+
Contact/Group/Company, Calendar, Scheduling and Sales Opportunity Features P P
Dashboard and Reporting P P
Database Access over the Internet

(Act! Premium Web)

  P (No additional charge*)
Mobile Access 3rd party Add-ons


Act! Premium Mobile Smart Phones & Pads

(No additional charge*)

Database Synchronization Local only Local and Interent

(No additional charge*)

Standard Security Settings P P
Enhanced Security Settings   P
Group Scheduling Functionality   P
Team Management

(limited access to contacts by Team membership)

Dashboards and Reporting with by Team Views   P
Advanced Administration Options



Run on SQL Standard   P

*Requires static IP address and installation of MS IIS service on hosting computer