With Act! Cloud you don’t need to purchase Act! Subscription or have a server. You simply have to pay a low monthly fee for your license.  This offers small to medium-sized businesses a simple and affordable way to acquire the benefits of big-business infrastructure without the need for their own in-house IT team.

There are several different options depending upon your requirements.

With Act! Cloud (hosted by Swiftpage) you get the functionality of Act! Premium Web which will allow you to access your live Act! data any time through the Internet on your phone, tablet or web browser. Your Act! database is stored on a secure server hosted by Swiftpage. All data is automatically backed up on a daily basis.

Another option allows all the above but also gives you access to a local copy of your database so you have access to your data even without Internet access. Any changes made will be synchronised with the master database on the cloud server. The secure data centre is based in Canada with servers being monitored 24 hours a day so that if a single required service fails, they can be fixed before anyone even notices.

Benefits of Act! Cloud

Simple and quick setupYou don’t need to install any software on your side. Remote users always have access to the most recent product updates.

Flexibility—It is easy to increase and decrease the number of users as you require.

Availability—Allows on demand access to Act! Premium, any time you have an Internet connection.

Security—Peace of mind as you can be confident that your data is stored, maintained and backed up regularly.


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