The greatest CRM system in the world is a total waste of money if people can’t use it. It is unrealistic to expect users to be able to work all the critical functionality that formed part of the specification without training. To this end, training is probably the most important part of the project.

Types of training
Confident users will be motivated to use the system, which will ensure it is up to date and works efficiently. Depending on your requirements, we can provide a choice of training to ensure that all your users are able to make the most of your software. We offer individual or small group tuition, using experienced, professional tutors. All courses are tailored to your specific requirements and for your organisation only. Some of the popular options available are:

  • End user Act! training courses
  • Customised Act! training courses
  • Post-training support and consultancy
  • Technical and Development training courses

Where necessary, we will implement a training needs analysis and design suitable courses for your users. Caldere Associates has extensive experience of implementing training in conjunction with the rollout of our software. The training needs analysis:

  • Provides documented evidence of specific business training needs
  • Ensures that all users receive the optimum level of training
  • Identifies where there is a requirement for an integrated training plan to manage new software migration

Training material will be supplied to enable trainees to review the relevant information as and when required. Time is a precious commodity within your business, so our training courses are available at your offices.

Why Caldere Associates?

Apart from the courses fulfilling your needs, we provide an informal, relaxed atmosphere so that the sessions are as productive as possible. We also understand that training has to be undertaken in an atmosphere that actively encourages questioning. This ensures that full understanding is reached.

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