We offer a wide range of support options. Some clients feel that they only need incident tokens. Others require comprehensive, holistic, technical support provision.

To ensure that your investment in Act! Is not lost, we ensure that the system is configured and optimised to ensure that your users are busy doing their jobs and not worrying about their CRM solution

Our support covers the complete solution, not just the software.

Act! telephone support
Most people want to talk to a human not a machine when they are experiencing a problem. Every support engineer at Caldere is an Act! Certified consultant, so you can be sure that we are able to understand your problems and are qualified to resolve it.

Email Support
When you email us any problems we will aim to respond within the hour.

Help and Advice
We always make every effort to deliver a broad consultative approach to any queries you may have. This means you can speak to us not only about specific application queries, but also any factors that may impact on your Act! investment.

Where possible we aim to remote onto your computer to provide a hands on approach towards resolving your queries or issues. This is to try to avoid on sitle visits that will ultimately ensure that issues are resolved there and then.

Your CRM is a central part of your business. Support is essential and we understand this. Our support desk is UK based, in order to give you quick response times.

Why Caldere Act! support?
Because you can pick up the phone and speak to us directly. If you are happy for us to do so, we can gain remote access to your system, so that we can see what you are seeing. Wherever possible, you will find that you are talking to people who know your company and your CRM solution.

Find out more by emailing us or calling us on 0118 945 6220.