In certain cases, standard support is not ideal. For example, you may have bought Act! or another program off the shelf. Alternatively, you may have had development work which requires tailored, technical support. Caldere offer a comprehensive range of options which fit your needs.

Product Support
This service is ideal for customers who have purchased software off the shelf without customisation or integration. If you have bought your software from us and we have installed it, you can purchase incident tokens from us. This allows you to rest assured that professional help is at hand, should you require it.

On-site Support
This can be arranged for one of our Act! certified consultants to visit your office, where they are able to assist with design, configuration (including synchronisation) technical meeting or any other needs that can be solved with an on site visit.

Quarterly Health Checks
To ensure that your systems are 100% stable, updated and running in the most efficient way possible.

Password Release
Sometimes it is important to find a lost password for an old database or a user is possible, with our extensive knowledge of Act! and SQL we can open the database.

Remember, no problem is too big or too small for our consultants.

Development support
When we have undertaken a customised development project, Caldere provides full support, including landline and mobile telephones, as well as email addresses so that you can easily get in touch with us. You will find that you are talking to someone who knows your company and your solution.

At Caldere our approach is always to find the least cost or the best cost-benefit ratio. If we believe that a suitable solution can be found without requiring costly development, we will always advise that approach first. In some cases custom development is the only route to achieve the goals you need, in that case we have experience in developing and customising act for over 10 years. With our close association with both the development and product management teams in Swiftpage, we have been able to accommodate almost every request that has been made of us.

If you have not bought your Act! software from us and have a problem, you are still welcome to get in touch with us by emailing us or call us on 0118 945 6220.