You may need Act! to integrate with legacy software or third party applications. You may also require reports extracted from different parts of your business. Or you may need specialist reports, for example: which industries have you sold to, or how much business has been derived from a particular marketing campaign, or comparing last years’ sales with this years’ sales.

Because Caldere has an in-house development team, we can expand the functionality of Act! to meet your needs. If you think of Act! as a central hub, you can use our development services to ‘talk to’ other silos of information within your organisation.

For the technically inclined, we are .NET and SQL specialists. Each development is fully supported to meet your specific situation.

Why Caldere Associates?
Because our development team is led by one of the leading Act! developers in the world. Because we have delivered a considerable number of Act! development projects. We always ask probing questions, at the scoping stage of a project. If there is a more effective way of doing something, we will tell you.

Find out more by emailing us or call us on 0118 945 6220.