“Business intelligence is defined as getting the right information to the right people at the right time. The term encompasses all the capabilities required to turn data into intelligence that everyone in an organization can trust and use for more effective decision making.”

—R. Maria Bogza, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies


…but what I’m using now works for me.

Familiarity is comfortable, and in a way, it’s nice to have your software chug along quietly out of the way while you concentrate on doing your job by yourself, the way you’ve always done it.

Meanwhile, your competitors are using the latest data analytics tools to do business in new, more effective ways. They’re working collaboratively because everyone has the same information at the same time. Their employees have the information and intelligence they need to perform above par. They are interacting with their software in real time to suggest strategies and alert them to pitfalls they might never see by looking at a spreadsheet. They’re using those insights to make informed, relevant decisions. And they’re pulling ahead.

Now that you know what business intelligence is, and now that you’ve seen how data analytics and interactive dashboards work, you’ll never again see or think about your data in the same old way. Caldere can look at your organisation and how you work, and show you how you can leverage business intelligence software to take your talent and experience to new levels of productivity and profitability.

…but I don’t want another expensive “solution” wasting time and causing disruption.

Of course not. Like you, the experienced staff at Caldere have seen a lot of software trends come and go. As IT professionals we must learn and support an enormous amount of technology. We want to be sure that anything new we adopt is cost-effective, a truly advanced business tool, and something we can stand behind and recommend to both client businesses and individual users.

streamgraphWe at Caldere like and recommend Microsoft Power BI because:

Power BI works how you want it to work. It can use your existing data sources and also has the capability to bring in data from outside sources (including Excel!). Power BI shines a light into the black box of your data and its implications. The way you gather data won’t need to change. You may be making powerful data-driven changes to your business once you understand what your data is telling you, though!

You pay less. Power BI is a powerful, full-featured Microsoft product, not a basic add-on app. However, because it is hosted in the cloud, the cost per user is a small fraction of the cost of other solutions. Your organisation might well pay more per month per user for coffee. All professional-quality solutions require implementation, maintenance, training, and consultancy, but with Power BI your total cost per user will be far less. You might consider how favorably it compares with the cost of your current data analytics solution (or with the cost of not having a data analytics solution at all).

The learning curve is very short. Power BI is compatible with your existing Microsoft products and the interface is intuitive. Caldere can make sure everything is ready for you to start to use the software immediately upon go-live. We can generate your dashboards and show you how it all works. We’ll provide ongoing support and updates so your people can stay independent and on task. You’ll spend less time managing your software and more time managing your business.

We’re ready to show you the way.

Let Caldere help you get started using business intelligence and Power BI, and plan with you the amazing places you and your business can go with BI in the future. We’ll stand behind you every step of the way.

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