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We put Zoho to work for you.
We know, it’s a little overwhelming. And let’s face it, all CRM and ERP systems are not much more useful than that old treadmill gathering dust in your basement until they’re adapted to a real business with real objectives, challenges and processes.

But we’re here to help guide you through the experience toward better enterprise performance through our ZOHO Consultancy service. As a trusted Zoho Authorized partner, our decades of management consulting and data science experience help you identify what’s right for you and your business.

Our approach always begins with you and your business, because features and benefits don’t mean much absent this vital context. Examining it through the lens of our four practice areas provides a useful framework from which to begin.
Zoho Consultancy
Caldere Consultancy
What are you looking to accomplish?
Through our ZOHO CRM Consultancy Service we help reveal data truth for our clients. First, that means measuring what matters. Then we help facilitate the right information at the right time for timely and informed decision making. Above all, our clients trust us to deliver on the promise of maximum system functionality and insight, including the following:

  • The big picture. A single view of the customer and all aspects of the enterprise at a glance.
  • Reports that make sense...and more. Numbers without context are meaningless. We help bring crucial context to every corner of the enterprise for better, more timely decisions. More, powerful business intelligence tools enable you to forecast what’s next.
  • Accessibility. Vital, data-driven intelligence is available to everyone, across all devices, wherever they are.
  • Identifying the next big thing. We don’t just provide data; we deliver insight. Decades of management consulting and data science experience inform deeper context from which to identify trends and seize opportunities.
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