SUCCESS stories

Process Engineering

A green renewable energy firm was experiencing considerable friction at nearly every stage of the service delivery process. They weren’t measuring what mattered most to them and they weren’t capturing relevant data for each stage and event in their process. As a result, clients were experiencing friction at every touchpoint and staff didn’t even know when contracts were coming for renewal.

SOLUTION: Our team’s first objective was to devise an accurate customer journey map to examine and refine their processes. Together, we helped senior management to identify vital KPIs, wrangle product prices and data needed for cross-selling opportunities and capture the data required for elegant, timely and digestible reports whilst reducing the admin burden to create them. In the end, Caldere presented management, operations, sales and support teams a 360° view of their business.









Caldere Case Studies, Poor Event Execution

Poor Event Execution

A marketing company hosted several promotional events over the years, each with different MS Excel spreadsheet and email communication formats, which was only visible to one single team member at a time.  Because of the fragmented silos of information, all this data was quarantined and search functionality was constricted to a single document at a time.

SOLUTION: Caldere created a centralised database making all critical information available to everyone. Our team also created customisable invitation templates allowing for easy mail merge facility.  Beautiful and compelling reports were created for campaign tracking and a dashboard was created for a single view of company KPIs.

External Data Disrupts Service Delivery

The National Health Service (NHS) Primary Care Trust came to us with a serious problem: each service provider supplies its own data in the patient’s treatment journey creating information bottlenecks at critical stages.  For instance, primary care doctors found themselves waiting for MRI data from a different provider to supply the information needed for diagnosis.

SOLUTION: The Caldere team created a master database to serve as a central repository for providers to send critical data.  We migrated various data points to create a single-patient view for doctors to diagnose and treat their patents.  Information bottlenecks were eliminated.

















Data Chaos

An oil and gas industry-focused consultancy wasn’t able to keep up to date on various communications crucial to company performance. Internal and external teams each brought their own spreadsheets and email platforms to the process making efficient collaboration impossible. Deadlines were being missed while reporting and forecasting were rendered ineffectual. 

SOLUTION: Caldere worked with company executives to identify, define and document sales processes and KPIs.  We built an elegant custom database, mapped activities in their service delivery chain while creating reports and dashboards that brought actionable intelligence for all who needed it at every touchpoint for effective case management.


A manufacturer of hydraulic pumps was suffering from multiple admin errors at every stage of the sales funnel creating mortally long sales cycles with real bottom-line peril to the enterprise. Digging deeper, we learned that bits and pieces of data were held in each of the various departments responsible for delivery, yet none of it was available to the other teams when they needed it. An inordinate amount of time was being spent creating and collating spreadsheets almost nobody saw, crippling the entire delivery chain. Forecasting was all but impossible.

SOLUTION: Caldere removed the guesswork by building a universal database that no only provided a single view of every prospect and customer but aligned and integrated all data for reliable decision making throughout the enterprise. We helped identify their KPIs, mapped relevant reports and even more, deployed dashboards for constant monitoring, rendering spreadsheets all but a thing of the past.

The Silos

A door and lock manufacturer was experiencing difficulty following up on leads because the information was held on separate excel spreadsheets—information wasn’t even shared between sales and marketing departments. Critical information about clients and leads was not being captured, much less shared. Without customisation, the company’s existing database was virtually useless. Milestones weren’t just missed; they were all but invisible to the entire enterprise. 

SOLUTION: We not only mapped the customer journey but also each part of the production chain. Caldere then examined and refined all company processes with a keen focus on identifying KPIs and developing corresponding reports. Data is now automatically pushed to highly visual reports allowing for trend analysis and capturing market movements. Caldere delivered a 360° view of the company’s business, successfully aligning management, operations, sales and support teams.


An educational research firm was experiencing difficulty capturing and tracking information about upper management people as they get promoted or move from institution to institution. Conversations weren’t being logged and reporting was limited to manually creating spreadsheets every so often. Hence, the company was experiencing customer retention problems severely impacting its bottom line. Likewise, knowledge was lost when company employees moved on.

SOLUTION: Caldere examined all aspects of the business and re-engineering all its processes to the granular level including data entry. We then mapped the customer journey as well as the entire sales cycle. We created a mechanism to log detailed customer histories. Once process, data and reporting were aligned, Caldere also developed an e-marketing campaign baked right into the process to keep prospects and customers top-of-mind.


Due to a loosely mapped data, customer journeys & enterprise priorities, a digital marketing company was having trouble managing leads, prospects and clients. Data was diffused between various incongruous spreadsheets, as were internal & external communications. Data, reporting and business processes in general, were a mess. Enterprise cohesion was sorely needed. 

SOLUTION: After mapping the customer journey and defining business processes and data requirements, Caldere was able to automate marketing for behavioral, highly targeted and measurable campaigns, while centralising information around the contact record. The end result is a highly efficient, collaborative, nimble and client-centric enterprise. Better data, process refinements and easy dashboards led to quicker decisions, crisper communications and faster conversions.


Over many years, a large, full-service UK-based telemetry firm found its internal data management systems disparate, unwieldy & struggling to accommodate its considerable growth. Data consolidation & process coordination would prove to be a massive task for Caldere. Coherent reporting across the enterprise had become nearly impossible.

SOLUTION: Caldere designed and created a unified, centralised database elegantly aligned with business processes and objectives. allowing universal access & updating for all credentialed users. Pipeline tracking and enterprise reporting became a revelation to employees and management alike, making way for new insight & transformational automation. Database and enterprise synchronisation allows for every member of the team to have a centralised view of the client, as well as the projects associated with them, without leaving the CRM.


Our client is a leading energy & waste management firm serving healthcare, education, hospitality, construction & manufacturing industries. So scattered was company data over various departments, it took managers over 8 hours per week just to prepare reports for the weekly sales meeting. Add in the other essential reports across the enterprise, and the entire process of collecting data was driving management to madness, all before they could even begin to analyze it.  

SOLUTION: First, Caldere needed to locate all the data and centralise it for access among the relevant team members. But even more important was the process of identifying the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Once the metrics were agreed upon by management, Caldere refined their existing CRM system into more logical and accessible data points for collection. The company now has the critical information they need for pin-point enterprise performance analysis in a fraction of the time. Even more vital, management is now able to focus on forecasting the future, often using real-time data.


An award-winning centre for online and face-to-face learning for social welfare, philanthropy and healthcare industries found themselves lost, working off several disparate data platforms, often making for incoherent communications between staff, students and other stakeholders. It was also becoming next-to-impossible for management to measure company performance.

SOLUTION: Caldere began by mapping the student’s journey from first contact throughout their lifecycle with the company, making sure every touchpoint was being captured, actioned and reported upon. We then mapped every staff and data function in response to the various touchpoints toward business process and student experience refinement. Caldere’s team was able to not only integrate all company functions and pair them with correlating customer experiences, we also provided deep insight into company performance previously hidden by data. Most importantly, Caldere revealed insight from each student’s experience.