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The Operating System For Business.


The Win - Win

Like the god Janus, Zoho enables your enterprise to look

both inward and outward at once.

The big guys have SAP or Oracle to run things.  But what about the small-to-medium sized companies trying to grow?  For everyone else, there is Zoho.


Zoho is a suite of 50+ integrated applications designed to optimally grow and run your business efficiently, transparently, all in real-time. With Zoho, you can manage, connect, and automate business processes across your organisation. It’s the operating system for small business.

  • A powerful end-to-end, fully customisable platform to ensure every aspect of your business is truly built around your customers.
  • A versatile suite of web and mobile applications designed to integrate teams and devices from anywhere.
  • An all-in-one marketing automation software that helps you successfully manage your marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Beyond dashboards, it’s a business intelligence suite that not only monitors enterprise performance in real-time but also provides powerful forecasting tools.
  • A complete collaboration and communication hub to manage teams and projects efficiently, wherever they are.

What is Zoho?

what is zoho crm?

what zoho does.

50 million users worldwide can’t be wrong.

Companies choose Zoho because it’s pound-for-pound the best, most comprehensive operating system for small business in the world, hands down.


Is your business run by a constellation of stand-alone applications that don’t work with one another?  If your business is the orchestra and you are the conductor, Zoho provides the sheet music that makes it a masterpiece!

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • No single, unified view of your customer.
  • Siloed operations, finance, customer service, sales and marketing processes
  • Fragmented data on disparate, disconnected platforms
  • Hunting through emails to track down conversations
  • Track where leads originate from, including site visitors

Would you like to:

  • Exceed your sales targets and build a pipeline you can trust?
  • Automate lead generation and other core operational tasks?
  • Know your marketing ROI in real-time?
  • Promote collaboration across teams on a single unified platform?
  • Not only develop reports on what’s past and dashboards
    for now but exploit robust business intelligence tools for next-gen forecasting?



We put Zoho to work for you.

We know, it’s a little overwhelming. And let’s face it, all CRM and ERP systems are not much more useful than that old treadmill gathering dust in your basement until they’re adapted to a real business with real objectives, challenges and processes. But we’re here to help guide you through the experience toward better enterprise performance. As a trusted Zoho Authorized partner, our decades of management consulting and data science experience help you identify what’s right for you and your business.


Our approach always begins with you and your business, because features and benefits don’t mean much absent this vital context. Examining it through the lens of our four practice areas provides a useful framework from which to begin.

What are you looking to accomplish?

We help reveal data truth for our clients. First, that means measuring what matters. Then we help facilitate the right information at the right time for timely and informed decision making. Above all, our clients trust us to deliver on the promise of maximum system functionality and insight, including the following:

Bob's got a problem.

Caldere Helped Bob Using Zoho
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At Caldere, we believe in business fundamentals. One of the most obvious to us is, you can’t have a customer-centric enterprise if you don’t know much about your customers.

customer information whenever you need it.

CRM: the engine that drives your business.

Lead Management

Automatically capture leads from various sources like websites, chats, e-marketing clicks, etc. Quickly convert leads into opportunities with automatic lead scoring. Record all interactions along the journey into a centralized CRM database viewable across the enterprise from any device.

Project Management

Easy-to-create Gantt charts, manage milestones, tasks, resources and dependencies. Whether you work off Gantt chart or calendar format, time tracking, billing and other enterprise functions integrate intuitively. Real-time collaboration with different teams from different locations are a snap.

Campaign Management

Automatic data sync between CRM for tracking of every vital metric at-a-glance, with real-time marketing ROI among them. Click-and-drag to design and monitor workflows and automations. Save time with easy to make templates with auto-responders, workflow mapping, social tracking, campaigns and much more.

Reports & Dashboards

See everything at-a-glance with powerful, yet easy to construct reports, dashboards and BI forecasting. Just about any data visualization imaginable is possible with easy-to-upload spreadsheets from most other platforms. Drag-and-drop various reports to create beautiful dashboards for your most crucial KPIs and forecast with powerful analytics from any device.

Customer Service

Click-and-drop customer-service mapping to deliver great experiences every time from the touchpoint of their choosing. Monitor email, chat, phone and social media all from one place. Intuitive knowledge-base creation and powerful automation tools for responsive engagements from every channel. Customer self-help portal ensures that assistance is always available.

Activity Management

Improve daily productivity by addressing priorities based on better and more timely information. A centralised repository for all customer data and communications history makes for easy collaborations across the enterprise. Task delegation is made easy while activity mapping makes every team member’s actions accountable. Multi-disciplinary teams work in unison.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Two thirds of sales time is spent on non-revenue generating tasks. Automating time intensive tasks frees salespeople to focus on prospects. Tighten communications and sales cycles with better, more timely data. Lead scoring makes managing the pipeline second nature. Achieve better customer retention with automated emails sent at key points in the customer lifecycle.

Workflow Mapping

Promotes staff accountability by ensuring all tasks are completed as designed for consistent experiences throughout the enterprise. Drag-and-drop process mapping tools reduce time-wasting redundancies. Team collaborations become more efficient with automatic updates while enhancing customer experience with timely updates.

What Users Say:


Zoho Desk, a customer service solution provided by Caldere.

You’ve committed to delivering on customer-centricity. This is how you do it.

Remember, it costs 7X more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep the ones you already have. Zoho Desk is the industry’s first context-aware help desk platform that delivers the information customers want swiftly—via the touchpoint of their choosing and even enables you to build your very own knowledge base.


Zoho Desk equips agents to recognise and respond to customer needs more quickly—at the speed of the customer. If the easy problems are solved with little or no agent interaction, they become better equipped to give full attention to the hard ones.


For managers, Zoho Desk gives delivers a consolidated picture of team performance and services metrics in a single window. Engage, automate, review: Zoho Desk provides everything you need to delight your customers…and keep them coming back for more.

What is Zoho Desk?

What Desk Can Do For You?

What Users Say:


Zoho Campaigns. Digital and e-mail marketing solution customised by Caldere.

e-marketing seamlessly integrated across your enterprise.

Email remains the most widely used and best-performing marketing tactic in the marketplace. In fact, 89% of marketers report email was their primary channel for lead generation, with a 54% rating email as its most effective type of digital marketing—and the least difficult to execute. And the ROI? For every £1 spent on effective email marketing, companies can expect an average return of £42

Zoho Campaigns customised by Caldere.

Zoho Campaigns is a high-octane email marketing suite that’s easier to use than its peers. It is more robust than any other email marketing tools in the marketplace due to its interoperability with the rest of the Zoho platform, indeed the operating system for small business. There’s simply no comparison between Zoho CRM and what passes for CRM or performance analytics on competing platforms. But Zoho Campaigns also seamlessly connects your email marketing efforts to click-and-drag process automation, customer service, finance, social, eCommerce, website visitor tracking, or any other customer touchpoint. There’s simply nothing else available as powerful and easy to use as Zoho Campaigns.


Zoho campaigns allows you to build your audience, run targeted email campaigns with its easy-to-use editor. Powerful automations, autoresponders and workflow mapping tools allow you move your contacts through their journey with minimum friction. In addition, features like dynamic content, polls, automated segmentation, A/B testing—all with the eye-popping performance visualisation tools help ensure high ROI on your e-marketing activities. Segmented email campaigns perform 38% better than those that aren’t. Caldere and Zoho Campaigns actually bring the novice user this kind of functionality and performance formerly reserved for the big guys.


Have all your key data points laid out at your fingertips—where they should be. From lead analytics to deal with insights, activity stats and email analytics, monitor every aspect of your sales cycle any time, anywhere with pre-defined dashboard views. Create customised dashboards with sales analytics widgets, such as charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels. Make informed decisions, and start celebrating sales success with actionable data intelligence. Caldere as your trusted partner will show you how.


Zoho Analytics takes the pulse of your enterprise in real-time and helps you forecast for what’s next. Together, we can unify scattered data into meaningful reports for a brighter view of your business. Business data typically lies scattered in multiple formats and locations – from your CRM and social media platforms to standalone spreadsheets and beyond. Getting answers you can trust to critical questions can be a huge challenge. This is where Zoho Analytics can help. It brings together all your vital data from multiple sources for better decision-making. 


Through easy-to-use reporting and visualisation tools, it transforms that data into reports, charts and dashboards that your people can put to work across the enterprise.


Caldere’s decades of management consulting and data science experience help reveal crucial data points bubbling just beneath the surface, information that informs performance. We make sure you and your team is getting better information to make better decisions across the enterprise.

real-time intelligence for better insight.

What Users Say: