What We Do.

What does Caldere do?
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What we believe.

Learning comes by way of listening.

We can’t learn what’s important about your business with our mouths open and our ears closed. Socratic inquiry is at the heart of everything we do.

Speak human

Industry jargon and tech speak don’t solve problems. Empathy, acumen and collaboration do.

Every business impacts a lot of people.

We take your business seriously because we know first hand that every decision carries a ripple effect for every stakeholder both inside and outside the enterprise.

Great CRM is essential for great experiences.

Is there anything more important to your company than delivering great customer experiences? Great CRM is the epicentre for building and operating the customer-centric enterprise.

Goodbye sales funnels. Hello customer journey mapping.

Prospects and customers don’t care about your sales funnel. The more you know about how and why they found you, the more likely you are to deliver an exceptional and memorable experience.

Its all about Customer Experience.

Know and understand how effective every touch point is with your customers, are you really delivering the best customer service you can?

Measure what matters.

Every decision is based on the information one has at any given moment. Therefore, success is measured by the quality, clarity and timeliness of the information at hand.

Fixed ideas are the enemy of adaptation.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin, Origin of Species

Our Story

caldere story

Vivek completed his data science studies at university only to face the infamous dot com crash. He secures employment troubleshooting CRM processes only to become frustrated to learn that it is more interested in peddling product than solving business problems.

Feeling unfulfilled in her successful pharma sales & training career, Meeta engages in lively conversations with Vivek on family holidays. They discuss their unmet ambitions to apply their extensive commercial and technical backgrounds toward making a positive impact on small to medium-sized companies.

Ultimately, they founded Caldere with a commitment to improving information quality and business processes for the passionate people who operate them.

Our Core Team

Meeta Gargav
Meeta Gargav Caldere
Lead Consultant and Trainer

Meeta Gargav is a CRM and Automation expert with special leadership skills emphasizing collaboration at the C-level.  Her project management and quality control standards are highly coveted by Caldere’s clients

Previously, Ms. Gargav led sales and training teams at blue chip companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Bayer and Pfizer where she was a top ten producer and product trainer to physicians. She organized the best attended and highest rated women’s health conference in Bayer’s history.

Meeta Gargav has worked in the CRM industry for over 15 years helping companies of all sizes improve efficiency, revenues and bottom-line profitability.

Meeta’s academic credentials include a BSc in Human Physiology and Zoology from Royal Holloway, University of London, an MSc in Applied Entomology from Glasgow University and an MSc in Computer Science from Birbeck College at the University of London.  She enjoys nature and is happiest harvesting food from her garden.


Vivek gargav
Vivek Gargav Caldere
strategic lead


Vivek Gargav is a data science expert with development skills and marketing insight rare to the CRM industry.  Mr. Gargav has developed over 250 add-on products over the years and is renowned throughout the industry for his technical acumen and problem solving abilities.

Vivek is also a sought after conference speaker and serves on the Education Committee for CCRMS, an international industry group for CRM consultants, as well as the Business Partner advisory Committee on behalf of consultants globally.  Client projects include Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, Google UK, Microsoft, defence contractor Starrak Heckert, Essex University and NGO British Council in Europe.

Vivek holds multiple degrees in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Computer Science from the University of Newcastle as well as Kings College, Birkbeck College at the University of London.  His impeccable credentials are valued by his clients and industry colleagues more than his two children and two dogs who appreciate him for other reasons.



Graeme Forrest
Graeme Forrest Caldere
Client Experience lead


Graeme Forrest is on speed dial among top executives across Europe, bringing over 20 years sales, marketing and leadership experience with a proven track record of facilitating complex technology solutions over a multitude of industries including asset finance, IT infrastructure and complex software solutions.

With over 11 years CRM industry experience including sales management expanding company growth and business development, Mr. Forrest has delivered optimum performance for not only his employers but client companies as well.

Beyond Graeme’s unique organisational insights are deeply valued by his loyal client relationships.  Over the years, Graeme’s clients have come to trust his energy, commitment and acumen in just about everything he does.








Mark Mondo
Mark Mondo Caldere
Technical lead


Mark Mondo is a savvy technology veteran with over 25 years hands-on experience working with small business.  Mark is also founder of MondoCRM, a U.S.-based strategy and advisory firm he established in 1997 as well as being a part of the Caldere team.  His pragmatic and personalized approach has earned him an exceptional loyalty among his 600+ corporate clients with an average relationship duration lasting nearly 9 years, far longer than the average small business lifespan. An unapologetic Anglophile, Mark has been collaborating with us on CRM projects for 3+ years, possessing a keen sense of our clients’ sensibilities and unique requirements.  Over the years, he has developed an intuitive sense of entrepreneurs’ priorities and concerns, as well as the business processes that drive those companies.  A marketing graduate of Loyola University in Chicago, Mark’s Jesuit education finds its way into his work every day.  A frequent enthusiastic traveller to the U.K., we enjoy a “special relationship” with Mark and we think you’ll come to appreciate his considerable experience, insight and personal qualities, too.


As seasoned data scientists and management consultants, we understand that multi-platform integrations are just data points to us.  If helping you achieve your information objectives involve data migrations or importing CRM data from one platform to another, data extractions, seamless integrations with various software programs in your system, it’s no problem for us.  It’s what we do. We routinely work with various software providers (often at once) to help our clients wrangle their data for better analysis and insight.  For those less interested in how the clock works than what time it is, Caldere Strategies is your answer.  Here are just a few:

Our experience of working with Caldere has always been a very positive one. From the initial design stage through development, to full implementation we were listened to and supported at every stage.

Su Thomson, Marketing Manager