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Search Function for Zoho Desk

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Searching Records in Zoho Desk


There are several ways in which we can use the Search options to find records like Tickets, Customers, Articles, Tasks, and Products easily and quickly.  There are three (or four, depending on module) kinds of search options available in all parts of Zoho Desk.

  • Quick Search
  • Faceted Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Search Records by Alphabet (this is only available in the Customer module)

Quick Search 

This allows us to to search for specific records from all our modules or from a particular module by entering the search keyword.  We can specify in which module the search should be carried out.

  • Click the Search icon on the top pane.

Search icon

  • Enter the Search keyword in the search box.
  • Zoho Desk predicts what you’re looking for and starts to show the results of your search from the current module.
  • If we want, we can select All or we could keep Tickets selected as below or select KB etc.

Zoho Desk Search

If we can’t find the records in the search results list then we can go onto the next search type called the Faceted Search.

Faceted Search

Faceted search allows us to categorise the search results based on common elements like status, channel, priority, and so forth. This enables us to quickly navigate to the exact record we are looking for. Each time we select a facet value, the set of search results is reduced to only have the items matching that value. We can narrow our search by clicking on other facets.

  • To follow some of the similar steps as above, we again click on the Search icon on the top pane.
  • Enter the Search keyword in the Search box.
  • This time we hit Enter and ignore the predictions box.  The records matching the key words will be listed.
  • Click the facet value on the left panel to only show results within the selection.  At the top of the page we can see the choices we have made.

Zoho Desk faceted search

We can perform this search on all departments or from within a department.

Advanced Search

The advanced search allows us to search records by specifying custom search criteria.

To search records using criteria:

  • On the Module home page, click the Search icon on the top pane.
    • When the icon is clicked the search area will transition into a bar.
  • Click the search icon on the search bar and click on the Advanced Search on the left-hand side toolbar.
  • We can use And/Or combinations between the filter properties.

Zoho Desk Advanced Search

We can also create custom views out of the search criteria to access them in the future.

To create a custom view on the advanced search parameters, click on Save as Custom View on the search results page.

Search by Alphabet

We can search for contacts and accounts within the Customer modules by clicking the alphabet links displayed on the right. Zoho will take us straight to the records that start with the selected letter.

To search by alphabet

Zoho Desk Search by Alphabet

  • Click on the Customer module.
  • On the Contact Home page, click a letter from the Alphabet list.

The page displays the list of contacts that start with the selected alphabet. You can switch to the Accounts module and follow the steps above for accounts.  The alphabet search will search records by their First Name. To search using the last name we need to change the Name Format  under Setup.

Sort and View Search Results (not available in Advanced Search)

When we perform a quick search, we can sort the results according to our preference such as:

  • Modified Time
  • Relevance

The Modified Time function will list the recently modified records at the top. Whilst sorting by Relevance we can get the records based on the number of times our keywords appear in a record.

By default Zoho Desk displays 10 records per search result page. It is simple to increase this by clicking on the More Action icon (). The maximum is 50 records per page.

Zoho CRM Administrator Training Course in UK (London)

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Zoho CRM logo with handshake iconTickets are now available for the Zoho CRM training for Administrators taking place in London (UK) on August 13 through 15.  

Contact us for more information or help with tickets.

Announcing the Three-Day Classroom Training for Zoho CRM:

Zoho have always been committed to providing their users with the best training material whether via web tutorials, user manuals, regular webinars, or in-person classroom courses. As part of this commitment, they are running an expert-led Zoho CRM administrator classroom course in London to help you gain hands-on experience with managing users, automating sales processes, customising your implementation, getting to know Zia, and much more. So bring your laptop and charger (as there will be hands-on exercises) and head down to central London for three very productive days!

Course Description

Zoho CRM Classroom Training for Administrators will help you gain hands-on experience with automating sales processes, managing users, setting up sales territories, securing your customer data, customising CRM solution to your industry, and other topics.  You will also get the opportunity to interact with product specialists and learn the best practices of CRM implementation.

Course Structure

Monday, August 13 (9am – 5pm)

  • Introduction to Zoho CRM
  • Organisation Setting
  • Data Security
  • User Management
  • Customisation – Essentials

Tuesday, August 14 (9am – 5pm)

  • Communication Channels
  • Territory Management
  • Automation – Essentials
  • Data Administration
  • Marketplace

Wednesday, August 15 (9am – 5pm)

  • Customisation – Advanced
  • Automation – Advanced
  • Zia
  • Portals
  • A Day in the Life of a CRM Administrator

On all of these days you will get the opportunity to interact with Zoho CRM product specialists.

How to Attend

If you would like more information, or just want to chat about the course, then please feel free to contact us.

Click the graphic below to see more and to reserve your training seat: Zoho logo

Classes are also coming soon to Australia (August 8-10) and Canada (September 5-7).

Best Practices for Building a Website from Zoho Academy

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Build Your Best Business Website

Zoho have always said that, along with offering the technology to solve virtually any business problem, they want to provide help for businesses to succeed. They accomplish this by providing well-researched and comprehensive information about how to run a business with their software tools. The first goal for any business is to build and maintain a highly effective website.

Zoho Academy have created some easy-to-digest ebooks which bring together basic principles, best practices, and checklists to help you create a great looking, effective website. Below is the breakdown of each ebook. Read each volume from the start by clicking its title, or dip into the most interesting and relevant chapters.

Website Best Practices

Best Practices Volume 1: Homepages

Your homepage may very well be your site visitors’ first impression of your business. It has to walk a fine line between drawing visitors in with compelling content and pushing them on to the next page of their customer journey.

Best Practices Volume 2: About Us Pages

The About Us page is one of the most underutilised marketing tools on business websites, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to position your About page, what language and tone to employ, how to use your About page to communicate your company values, and how to make your About page a true conversion hub.

Best Practices Volume 3: Testimonials

When done well, testimonials are a powerful element of any website. But while their ROI can be very significant, good testimonials require smart strategising.  Knowing where to find them, what they should include, and where to place them on your website will help you use your testimonials most effectively.

Best Practices Volume 4: FAQ Pages

Your website’s FAQ page is your opportunity to address concerns of, clarify concepts for, and remove doubts that arise from prospects on their path to purchase. After all, when a prospect lands on your site, there is often no human available they can turn to for answers or help. Learn how the FAQ can best compensate for that absent interaction.

Best Practices Volume 5: Online Shops

If you run a retail business, the benefits of offering an online shop are indisputable. Your website will speak for both your salespeople and for the products themselves. Learn how to design your online shop pages, write excellent copy, and leverage psychology to serve your business’s best interests.

Best Practices Volume 6: Business Blogs

A business blog will establish you as an authority in your field, drive visitors to your website, grow prospect trust and engagement, and generate leads and sales. It’s one of the best content marketing tools your business has. So how do you ensure it creates as much value as possible for your business?

Best Practices Volume 7: Web Forms

Web forms are imperative for your business website because they allow visitors to interact with your company. If they’re making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, scheduling an appointment, or creating an account, visitors are using your forms. Learn best practices for the most common form types.

Best Practices Volume 8: CTA (Call-to-Action) Buttons

Whether it’s signing up for a free trial, setting up an account, or adding a product to a shopping cart, your prospect is always on the threshold of taking an action. That action requires a CTA button.  Here, we offer best practices for button design, copy, and placement.

Best Practices Volume 9: Examples of Great Websites

While tips, tricks, and best practices for your company website are invaluable, seeing these elements in action is often the best way to understand how they work and how to employ them. Here are Zoho’s favourite business websites by genre. We and they hope you find them inspiring and motivating!

Visit Zoho Academy to access an online, self service archive of educational content designed to help people do business better.

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