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CRM & CEM: What You Really Need to Know

Every Story Has a Beginning

When a CRM (customer relationship management) is tailored to you and your business, it will have the power to optimise your workflows, increase efficiency and improve your ROI. An integrated CRM platform, transformed from an out-of-the-box platform into something that’s as unique as your business will bring your CXM (customer experience management) game to a whole new level. Building customer loyalty, satisfaction, and spending to really cement your business as industry leaders for customer experience and retention. 

Every Great Story Has a Beginning 

A CRM is a combination of practices, strategies and technologies in which a business carries out its interactions with customers. It allows for data to be collected, which can then be analysed and digested to provide insights into how a business interacts with its customers. For example, if your business sells subscriptions and you are utilising the full potential of your CRM platform, automated emails will be sent to subscribers with reminders to renew. This is so much more cost-effective than asking staff to perform these tasks, freeing up time to be better spent on things that only they can do and leaving the automated tasks to the tech. Reports can also be generated to showcase data on customers’ behaviour and metrics allowing you to forge ahead in improving services and enhancing your offering. 

CRM gives you a comprehensive, 360° view of customers’ journeys so you can build a better picture of who your customers are, from their order frequency to their likes and dislikes. A CRM keeps track of customer experiences, reacts to issues, and uses past behaviour to predict and suggest relevant products or services. Using your CRM data allows you to build better experiences for your customers, as it allows the customer journey to be seamless, from the enquiry stage to onboarding, through to after-sales care. 

This leads us to CXM, which refers to customer experience management. Customer experience management is a process of managing the customer experience from beginning to end. It includes the processes, strategies, and tactics that organisations can use to create an outstanding customer experience. The overarching goal of any CXM is to deliver experiences that are tailored for different segments of customers. Whilst your CRM allows you to collect and analyse data, a CXM allows you to take actions based on the data, elevating the customer experience. Overall, this is why a CRM is so important for every sales-driven business being implemented at the start of any CXM business plan. 

Track, Oversee and Organise 


Having CRM automation can become a fundamental and core functionality for a sales-driven business wanting to grow. It performs tedious tasks that free up your team’s time allowing them to strategically focus their engagements with current and prospective customers. Automation for data entry-driven tasks enables uniformity to be orchestrated across the board. A further benefit of implementing an automated CRM is the function of having a leads pipeline, workflow and tracker. This ensures your team never misses a prospective lead and has the correct data when engaging in a conversation with them. 


The main aim of CRM analytics is to ensure the very best ROI. From sales performance analysis to sales forecasting and reports, analytics play an important role in automating your CRM. Recording accurate data is the first step to reliable reporting. The ability to analyse it efficiently and derive valuable insight is where your data can drive critical business decisions and streamline business performance.  

Allowing empowered decision makers to make truly insightful strategic decisions based not only on KPIs and traditional reporting data, allows you to enhance your operational efficiency and relationships with customers and prospects.  

We are confident that after reading this you can now understand the importance of implementing an effective CRM which supports sales-driven businesses to successfully deliver a CXM whilst maintaining accurate data on your customers. 

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