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Act! v19 is Here and Hot!

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The release of the new version of Act!, v19, has just been announced!

Highlights of the new Act! v19 include:Act! Companion

  • True 64-bit compatibility
  • A newly developed mobile app for Act! Premium users, Act! Companion
  • Improvements in Act! Premium to the connection with Outlook
  • Improvements to e-marketing tools
  • New duplicate scanning functionality (critical if you are serious about the health of your data)
  • Many other customer-driven feature enhancements such as layout and formatting tools and refreshed reports

We invite you to contact us for more information, or to schedule a time to chat. To get more details right now, click this link!

Great Power BI Updates for the New Year!

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Just before the new year Microsoft made some great Power BI updates, especially to their Power BI mobile apps. These new updates include:

  • New capability to share an annotated report by adding inking, text or symbols to a snapshot of any dashboard tile. This update has improved the menu and user experience to make it even easier and quicker to annotate and share. We can add a call to action on a specific metric and share the annotated snapshot over email, text or any other social apps. In addition, when we share a snapshot via email, Power BI will also generate a deep link to the tile or report. For example, Act! users viewing their closed-lost opportunities will be able to make annotations on the diagram.
  • Geofiltering for reports on Android devices.
    Earlier this year Power BI introduced the ability to filter reports based on the user’s current location for the iOS app. Now we can also use our Android device to filter reports by our current location. When using this app, we can filter our data by our country, state or city. As long as we are using the app, the filter will remain in effect in the reports to which we applied it. Act! users will now be able to section their Act! contact list data within Power BI.
  • Improvements to existing features:
    • Visual Links
    • Apple Watch integration
    • Offline background refresh adjustment to reduce mobile data consumption.

These new Power BI updates allow us to make sure our dashboards are always up to date, just by marking them as favorites.

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